Purse Seiner
The seiner of compact dimensions has on board equipment for shock freezing of fish in briquettes, as well as a line for processing fish and making preserves
The engine room is located at the aft end. In the middle part - a freezer hold. On the main deck there is a fish processing shop. In the wheelhouse there are residential and crew cabins.
There are three Matrosov's anchors on the ship, two in hawsers. Also in the nose are two towing bollards. Cargo devices are made in the form of three cargo manipulators with a carrying capacity of 2, 5 and 15 tons.
The hull is made of shipbuilding steel with a yield strength (Re) of at least 235 N/mm2. The hull is designed according to the transverse framing system and divided by three watertight bulkheads in accordance with the single-compartment unsinkability standard.

Main characteristics:

  • length over all - 35,0 m
  • length b.p.p. - 32,3 m
  • beam - 9,6 m
  • depth to main deck - 6,6 m
  • full displacement - 725 t
  • draught - 3,9 m
  • light displacement - 403 t
  • cargo capacity of preserves in metal cans - 75 t
  • cargo capacity of chilled fish in inventory boxes - 160 t
  • fish hold - 360 cu m
  • speed - 13 kn
  • bollard pull (3 kn) - 20,0 tf
  • endurance - 15 days
  • crew - 14
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