This is one of the most important design stages, at which the main technical and operational characteristics of the future vessel are determined.
Marine Partners, starting from the moment of its foundation, has been carrying out the initial design of civil vessels:
  • selection of initial data, in accordance with specific tasks;
  • choice of vessel class;
  • calculation of deadweight, main dimensions and displacement;
  • general arrangement and architectural and structural type of the vessel;
  • preliminary calculation of strength and choice of materials;
  • determination of the preliminary cost of building a vessel
The main types of vessels developed by our company independently:
Fishing vessels
Passenger vessels
Cargo vessels
Service fleet
3D Modeling
The basis of any project, executed by our company
Initial and Basic Design
Performing basic calculations and determining the design of the vessel
Detail Design
Detailed development of the model and documentation of a vessel's each element
Production Design
The most important stage of preparation for ship construction
Other Services
Acceptance and operational documentation, construction support
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